Elizabeth Warren: Champion of the people or baby killer?

Elizabeth Warren: Post Debate Analysis

Pre/Post Debate Social Media

Pre-debate Twitter mentions have Warren hovering around 20k mention/day. She gets a definitive day of bump to 5x coming in at just under 120k. The day after the debate she’s still at 2.5x of her pre-debate numbers. By June 29th Warren levels out to her pre-debate numbers.

Warren Twitter Mentions
Elizabeth Warren Twitter Mentions Pre/Post 1st Democratic Debate

Top Headlines

The mainstream news was filled with stories of Warren leading up to the debate. Topics ranged from her visits to the border, her plan for securing elections, her plan to eliminate student debt, and her day of the debate town hall in Miami.

However, the two most amplified stories are from the Daily Caller on her proposed border policies and an opinion piece from the New York Times.

From the Daily Caller: Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll Decriminalize Crossing The Border

From the NYT: Why I Was Wrong About Elizabeth Warren

Top Twitter Narratives

“Warren does not support any limits on abortion”

This thread emerged directly after the debate and has been heavily amplified through right of center sources.

“Warren is polite and considerate.”

“Warren has a plan for that.”

These emerged directly after the debates and have been gaining a lot of momentum post debate, mostly amplified by left of center credible sources.

Who’s Talking about Elizabeth?

Discussion is largely in the left of center and credible quadrant. Discussion in right of center and especially in the lower (less credible) quadrant is a bit higher than other candidates we have analyzed to date.

Interesting Observations

While the “Warren is polite and considerate” and “Warren has a plan for that” narratives both started out overwhelming positive there is a growing trend of comments and replies trending negative.

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